Our Board

Maven’s Board provides strategic direction to the company’s management, and includes two external, independent directors with considerable expertise in driving successful, growing companies.


[ Lesley Kennedy ]
Chief Executive - Group
Lesley is Maven's Group Chief Executive and a shareholder in the company.
[ Joanna Lambert ]
Managing Consultant
Jo is a Managing Consultant, shareholder, and leads Maven's Health Practice. Jo has worked extensively with health sector leaders.
[ Karen White ]
Consultant / Board Director
Karen is a Maven Board Director and shareholder with expertise in service delivery, project management, organisational change, and stakeholder management.
[ Kim Wicksteed ]
Independent Director
Kim's twenty-five years in advertising provides a unique perspective into how successful businesses work and also how many can improve.
[ Mike Arand ]
Independent Director
Mike adds international trade and business growth experience, through his long involvement with export-related roles.