Caroline Moreau-Hammond

[ Caroline Moreau-Hammond ]

Caroline began her career as a Project Manager for a New York based firm. She is specialised in survey research and resolution implementation in developing and crisis countries. Drawing on a background in cross-cultural exchange and strategic development, Caroline is a skilled communicator, capable of creating smarter solutions.

In her previous roles, Caroline has delivered for a range of clients including Oxford Economics, USAID, United States State Department, International Peace Institute, and the United Nations Development Programme. Caroline has also demonstrated her strategic nous in her work on a New Zealand political campaign, and Government to Government work between the United States and developing countries, such as Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. She is passionate about producing plans and solutions which are both creative and fit for purpose.

Caroline is a confident communicator and is skilled in building relationships with team members, executives, and stakeholders. She is a problem-solver and is able to sell change programmes and business case propositions. Caroline uses her learnings about culture, business trends, and psychology to help individuals and organisations reach their full potential. She brings an energetic and action-oriented approach to her work.​