Our People

Our people are team players, coming from multidisciplinary backgrounds. Many have been involved in senior executive, commercial growth and operational management roles before joining Maven.


[ Jitendra Jagu - photo ]
Jitendra specialises in business analysis in areas including design, planning, specification writing, testing, and support of systems.
[ Jo Mackay ]
Jo has wide-ranging experience in project management, public policy, procurement, and communications roles across central government, local government, and the private sector in both Wellington and…
[ John Coventry ]
Workforce Manager
John is a Resource Management consultant with over 30 years experience in building high-performing teams and managing the integration of mergers and acquisitions and outsourced workforces.
[ John Draper ]

John helps organisations succeed in a rapidly changing world. He does this by enabling business leaders to stand in the future and to identify the trends and disruptors they need to consider to…

[ Karen White ]
Consultant / Board Director
Karen is a Maven Board Director and shareholder with expertise in service delivery, project management, organisational change, and stakeholder management.
[ Kate Sommerfield ]

Kate is a Senior Project Manager with over 10 years of IT project management experience across a number of industries and…

[ Katie Hutton - Photo ]
Katie has a successful record helping clients identify requirements for processes and systems, leading the design of the future environment, and converting the design into operational reality.
[ Kerry Martin ]
Kerry has more than 35 years experience in the information technology industry and over five years of non-IT project and investment management experience.
[ Kim Wicksteed ]
Independent Director
Kim's twenty-five years in advertising provides a unique perspective into how successful businesses work and also how many can improve.