Our People

Our people are team players, coming from multidisciplinary backgrounds. Many have been involved in senior executive, commercial growth and operational management roles before joining Maven.


[ Paul Jarah ]
Paul joins Maven after a year in Australia, mostly consulting to progress a $100m+ train upgrade programme that was considerably behind schedule.
[ Rachael Burston ]
Office Administrator
Rachael has experience in hospitality management in several international luxury resorts and hotels, as well as experience in retail management, event planning, and departmental coordination roles.
[ Rachel Bain ]
Rachel has proven experience formulating, translating and implementing strategic initiatives.
[ Rebecca McIlwraith ]
Rebecca is an internationally experienced sales and marketing professional with a passion for culture, creative and sustainability industries.
[ Rose O'Neill ]
Rose has extensive experience in the public sector, with a strong background in research, policy and project delivery. Her specialty lies in programme and change management. 
[ Sam Prescott ]
Sam is an experienced communications and public relations practitioner, specialising in public sector and digital communications. In more than nine years as a communicator he has led communications…
[ Scott Cowan - Photo ]
Scott's expertise is in design, infographics and visual thinking processes.
[ Sharmini Sivanantham ]
Sharmini is a Maven shareholder who has over 20 years experience in the private and public sectors as an experienced project manager.
[ Stephen Underwood ]
Stephen has considerable experience in the evaluation of business proposals and getting them 'investment ready'.