Working with Us

A Maven is an expert who is or has specialist knowledge. In our case, it is also a company that shares knowledge. It is a name that says something about us.

Rather than run through all the benefits of working with us, here’s a brief description which sums us up rather well. If it sounds like you, please get in touch. We’d like to hear your story.

We’re from the Pacific

We’re from the Pacific, where there‘s no place for pretension, but plenty of room for ideas, views and opinions. We’re transparent and real; we surprise rather than overwhelm; we’re always the whole, never the sum of the parts. We’re generous to a fault – if we take your breath away, we’ll give it back. We think before we act and then think again. We’re diligent and engaging; interested and interesting; conventional and challenging. And we know our place – it’s anywhere and everywhere.

We’re welcoming

We’re welcoming, amiable and a genuine company. We’re easy going and easy to do business with. We’re open, supportive and positive which means we trust rather than doubt, the glass is always half full and we’re there for each other.

We like things to be fast-paced

It makes for a stimulating, energetic environment. We respond to clients, events and situations promptly and decisively. Our mood is vibrant, confident and optimistic. We also have high aspirations for our individual and company performance.

As a professional services organisation, we stand on our own feet. Our advice is based on expert, impartial and insightful opinion. Freedom of thought is critical to the way we operate both internally and externally, however, we exercise this with consideration and respect for alternative views.

We’re totally dependable, reliable and pragmatic

Our knowledge and skills are always current and there is clarity to our processes that provides our clients with assurance. We display high levels of competence in the way we manage client relationships and implement advice.

We’re big on acting with integrity

We’re not high and mighty about this, but it’s something we all sign up for – it’s non-negotiable. It means being straight-up, honest and direct; with each other and with our clients. It’s about the uncomplicated virtues of trust, reliability, fairness and sincerity. And it’s about robust analysis and setting standards that demand we always give of our best so nothing is left in the tank.

We’re known for getting on with it

Our clients pay us for our expertise. They want results and are aware when the meter is running. We approach our work with a sense of purpose, accuracy and urgency. While we won’t compromise quality, we’ll pay close attention to completing tasks, treating time with respect and focusing on being productive.

How well we communicate determines our success

From the way we convey our offer, to building relationships and expressing solutions. We will listen, ask questions and listen some more. We will respond with intelligence, clarity and conciseness. All of which we’ll undertake with understanding and empathy.

Accountability is the bridge between individual competence and company performance

The connection between individual expression and company reputation. It recognises that we enjoy personal autonomy, that we are loyal to our company and that we are ultimately collectively answerable to our clients.

Character, both yours and ours, are very important

The way we’re perceived by our clients affects our brand and our long-term sustainability.

Maven’s engagement model is flexible and variable, so if Maven sounds like you, and you’re interested in working in one of New Zealand’s best workplaces, please give John Coventry a call on +64 4 801 6026 or 021 026 37500 or email him below to discuss the benefits of joining the Maven team.

Maven is a values-based company. While many organisations will claim that, it’s something we’ve had independently verified as we’re a winner of the IBM Kenexa Best Small Workplace Award (New Zealand’s largest annual workplace survey). In fact, we’ve been rated in the top 10 small workplaces to work in New Zealand every year we’ve entered.

For the record, that would be 10 times.