Middle East

Maven's international project experience spans the UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Mexico and Australia.

Maven has significant experience transforming the operations of organisations in many sectors. Our people come from multidisciplinary backgrounds, with many having been involved in senior executive and operational management roles as well as consulting and major programme delivery. Our people have worked across the globe in many different areas, from aid and social development to large commercial projects. A core area of expertise is in the creation and delivery of complex multi-party, multi-year, multi-million dollar programmes of work.

We have a strong track record in creating consortia, priming contracts and project managing the delivery of complex services and/or products to international clientele. This allows Maven and its partners to focus on what they excel at, and provides clients with surety and confidence that the team will deliver on time and on budget. We have developed a model of consortia management that allows us to engage with both public and private sector subcontractors. We maintain a full audit trail and financial tracking of all payments and receipts and provide comprehensive reporting to clients and Government agencies (where necessary) for the purposes of transparency and probity. This has been proven through the successful delivery of the Government-to-Government (G2G) programme for Environment Agency Abu Dhabi over the past four years.

Key to our successful delivery of complex programmes is our approach to relationship management and governance. We work closely with our clients and subcontractors and ensure regular effective communication and early identification and resolution of problems. We are generous with our time and will go the extra mile for clients and our subcontractors, however we do not shy away from difficult conversations or hard decisions. We design and implement practical governance structures that include (where appropriate), oversight by government officials from both the client and New Zealand sides.