New Zealand

Maven is a proudly New Zealand company, committed to supporting our government, private and NGO/Not-for-Profit clients to flourish.

Maven has significant experience transforming the operations of organisations in many sectors. Our people come from multidisciplinary backgrounds, with many having been involved in senior executive and operational management roles as well as consulting and major programme delivery. Our people have worked across the globe in many different areas, from aid and social development to large commercial projects. A core area of expertise is in the creation and delivery of complex multi-party, multi-year, multi-million dollar programmes of work.

Maven takes a pragmatic approach to all our assignments. We offer services and advice tailored to the size and complexity of the organisation with which we are dealing. Many international methods and processes are geared towards operations much larger than those in New Zealand and are inflexible when applied in a New Zealand context. Maven has developed customised approaches and frameworks to support our service delivery by using recognised international best practice methods and adapting them to our clients' unique situations. We ensure there is an intelligent application of these to any situation.