Co-Design Market Engagement

The Ministry of Health engaged Maven to design and manage the market engagement process to consider the future design of an air ambulance service for New Zealand that is people centred, clinically appropriate, integrated, nationally consistent, coordinated, efficient and sustainable – leading to improved patient outcomes.

Maven designed a facilitated workshop process that gathered the collective views of the air ambulance sector, including consumers, clinicians, air ambulance operators, and funders. These future focused workshops were held in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch, and were designed to identify the current issues facing the sector, and understand the what a future service could look like in 2022. Using a world café style format, participants (up to 50 at a time) had the opportunity to reflect on their personal experiences, share these with colleagues, and prioritise they key issues. An important outcome of these workshops was a common understanding of the need to change the current system, and the enablers required to achieve change.

Following the structured regional meetings, Maven facilitated a second phase of solutions workshops focused on the issues raised in phase one of the engagement process. Again, using a world café style approach and with workshops of up to 50 people, participants worked in small groups to develop solution options and challenge status quo thinking.

Maven went on to support the Ministry with the finalisation of the business case that will be presented to cabinet in early 2018.

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