Leadership Project for the Professional Training of Teachers

Oman’s Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) engaged a Maven led consortium to develop and implement a two year leadership training programme, for approximately 400 participants.

The programme, in collaboration with the University of Auckland, offered six modules of work. The emphasis was on practical and direct training and support for groups and individuals. The Project Team, led by the Lead Trainer, created all of the School Leader Programme content and materials.

Each module included:

  • 25 hours face to face training
  • 25 hours online training
  • 50 hours workplace training

Each module was then translated into Arabic, and Omani trainers were instructed in the delivery methods required for action learning. These trainers then delivered to the Principals and Vice principals in staggered cohorts of around 20 members per class. The Maven AUL Team was responsible for developing a coherent approach to all aspects of the work and building a mutually supportive and positive team culture.

The programme led to an accredited higher education (Masters level) certificate of professional practice attested by the University of London. The structure of the programme, including taught time and the volume of assessment was aligned to accepted international norms for similar certificates. At the same time, the qualification may be used for a national licensing scheme for teachers.

All work was prepared and delivered according to Centre frameworks and procedures to ensure there is a consistent approach across all programmes in areas such as assessment, monitoring and evaluation. The training and development team played an active role in contributing to the development, implementation and embedding of all Centre operations.

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