Business Intelligence Capability

For organisations to prosper in the digital economy, managing information and extracting value from data has never been a higher priority.

Investment in ensuring your data is working for you can position your organisation for efficiency and growth and provide consistent insights that enable you to manage, measure and maximise productivity.

To understand if such an investment is warranted, consider the following questions;

  • Can you get the information you require to make decisions at the right time in the right format?

  • Do you use your information to its full potential to understand your business, gain competitive advantages and adapt to change?

  • Is your organisation data rich and insight poor?

  • Have you made an investment in Business Intelligence (BI) or a toolset and want to ensure that it is being used optimally?

  • Are you, as an organisation, spending an extensive amount of effort and time manually extracting, cleansing and preparing data for reporting?

  • Are you able to present information internally and externally in an interactive, engaging and professional way across different devices?

  • Can you get an holistic view over the information held within the organisation or does it sit within siloes?

  • Does your team have the BI skills necessary to support your business demands?

  • Have you got access to self-service reporting or do you have to wait days or weeks for new reports or changes to existing reports?

  • Are you unsure of how to utilise your existing BI environment for Advanced Analytics?

Maven Consulting has the capability and experience to provide an affordable, objective assessment of your maturity and readiness to exploit information and data. We provide valuable insights to drive business outcomes and measure Key Performance Indicators and other critical success factors.


Business Intelligence Model

BI Maturity Model

Stage 1 – Maturity Assessment

We start the engagement by undertaking a light maturity assessment of your environment to gauge where you sit on Maven’s BI maturity scale.

This is a consulting exercise (approximately 2 days) which delivers a report outlining against good practice;

  • How your data is stored, managed and consumed

  • Key recommendations for consolidation of data and optimisation of business data processes

  • State of readiness for implementing improvements

The maturity model is a framework to gauge and visually indicate the level of BI maturity achieved within your organisation, work force and environment.

There are five levels of maturity, the measures for which are based on the four cornerstones of BI;

  • Infrastructure,

  • Knowledge & Process,

  • Human Capital and,

  • Culture.

Each facet deals with different sets of discussion points in the wider BI Assessment in order to accurately gauge the level of maturity and readiness for change.

Stage 1 costs are absorbed if subsequent stages are undertaken.

Stage 2 – Business Intelligence Assessment

Once we have established the maturity level of your organisation, we begin the full BI assessment (2-4 weeks) where we perform a current state analysis to identify current pain-points, capabilities, cultural challenges and opportunities for change.

The assessment includes a full review of your existing toolset, or its implementation, to see if it is aligned with your business needs and able to deliver on the required outcomes. In many cases there are licensing costs to be saved. Maven can also research and assess suitable new toolsets if you have not already invested in one.

We then co-create a cohesive BI strategy, along with a plan of how to achieve that, by developing;

  • The BI strategy

  • A BI roadmap outlining how to take your BI capability to the next level and deliver expected business benefits

  • Estimates of scope and cost for each stream of work.

Stage 3 – Strategy Implementation

Maven has proven ability to move from design to implementation seamlessly. Depending on the selected outcomes and recommendations of the full assessment, Maven can add further and ongoing support by assisting you in;

  • Business Case development
  • Business Strategies
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • BI Toolset Assessments & Implementation


[ Business Intelligence Roadmap ]


Maven helps organisations face complexity with confidence in a world that is exponentially changing, where relevance becomes ever harder to sustain.

We do this by designing, leading and delivering change in all its forms; from future thinking and scenario development through to working out how to configure your business to operate in new ways at the nuts and bolts level.

We will be your co-creators of change. This means that your experience working with us will be engaging, collaborative and completely focused on you and your needs. It’s about making you and your organisation famous. It’s not about us.