Strategy & Innovation

Innovate to stay ahead, stay relevant and deliver new value. Build, hone and implement strategies that focus on what matters.

Organisations are constantly evolving and facing both opportunities and challenges to their growth and operations. To succeed, businesses are seeking tangible ways to achieve growth and better profitability, and are considering significant change through structural reform. Regardless of the extent of change to be undertaken in any given year, a roadmap is needed that will help enable management to focus on goals for the year ahead.

Innovation and Ideas Generation

Maven’s approach to innovation provides an ideation framework, a process for generating fresh ideas, and the means by which to assess and categorise them so that the best ones rise to the top.

The framework can be enhanced by developing additional perspectives - scenarios or personas - as input to ideation. 

Once ideas are generated, they are then taken through to either short term, tactical plans or medium to long term strategies.

Strategy Development

Maven’s strategic business planning workshops introduces business owners to the concept of the balance scorecard – a system for measuring focused performance and managing the things that really matter.

Our 5-phase approach concentrates on;

  • Reflecting - on what has/hasn’t worked, business performance, leadership & vision
  • Predicts - what’s around the corner informed by market research and industry dynamics
  • Ideas – that emanate from the above, challenged, tested and refined
  • Plan – turning ideas in to action, marketing, people and culture, systems, financial, risk, measurements for success and investment required
  • Document – a plan on a page

Business Planning

Maven Consulting enable organisations, small and large, to creatively brainstorm, succinctly capture, carefully strategise and accurately plan for the realisation of successful outcomes.

Our highly collaborative workshops and creative visual outputs set the scene for the continuous evolution of strategy and business planning.

Commercialisation Strategy

From Proof of Concept, through Market Validation to full Commercialisation in both domestic and international markets, Maven has the expertise, connections and know-how to drive and support tangible business growth and organisational efficiency.

Information Systems Strategic Planning

Whether its competitive edge, channel strategy or business efficiency, the drivers for an investment in technology requires careful thought and informed perspective.

Maven have a long and successful track record in driving transformational change through the design and implementation of creative business and technological solutions.